Home Run Hot Dogs : Rays Reuben and Tampa Bay Cuban

I admit it, I don’t eat a lot of hot dogs at home but I can’t resist them at a ball game. Baseball season is well under way and our hometown team is doing great. This is the time of year when I want to get out and go to a game. Unfortunately my knee is still not cooperating, steps are my Achilles heel and there are a lot of them at stadiums and ball parks. So I did the next best thing made some hots dogs and grabbed a beer and watched the game from the comfort of my couch, where I am guaranteed not to have to move elevations.

I, of course put a little twist on the normal dog, and made one like a Reuben ( my favorite sandwich), and the other like a cuban, (my son’s favorite). Cuban sandwiches also happen to be the official sandwich of Tampa.

Rays Reuben Dog

Russian Dressing

Cole Slaw or Sauerkraut

Russian Dressing

Shredded Gruyère or Swiss Cheese

To make home-made Russian dressing combine 1/2 c mayo, 1t grated horseradish (not prepared) 2T chili sauce, I used Heinz, in a small bowl.

Tampa Bay Cuban Dog

One Piece of Thinly Sliced Ham

Thinly Sliced Dill Pickles

Shredded Gruyère or Swiss Cheese

Mayo-Mustard sauce (about 1/4 c of mayo mixed with a tablespoon of yellow mustard

I believe the Rays have a day game today, let’s hope their at home winning streak continues. Enjoy and go Rays!

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