Honey Mustard and Pear Slaw


My kids love honey mustard on anything, get your kids to eat their fruit and veggies in this simple and refreshing salad.


Honey Mustard and Pear Slaw

1 bag shredded cabbage/cole slaw mix

3 T dijon mustard

2 T honey

1/2 c mayo

1 pear (choose a firm variety) julienned (matchstick slices)

salt and pepper

Mix mustard, mayo and honey in a small bowl. Place cabbage mix in a large bowl with pears, add dressing and salt and pepper to taste.

Asian Slaw with Cantaloupe and Mint

I love the unexpected surprise and the pop of sweetness of fruit in salads. This was a refreshing and satisfying accompaniment to our Chili Lime Glazed Salmon. Double the recipe for potlucks or large crowds.

1/2 bag cole slaw mix (red, and green shredded cabbage and carrots)

1T chopped fresh mint

1/2 of a cantaloupe ,seeds removed, and cut into bite sized chunks

1T fresh lime juice

3T Asian Vinaigrette ( I used a store-bought one for this recipe)

Mix together all ingredients in a medium sized bowl and serve.

Home Run Hot Dogs : Rays Reuben and Tampa Bay Cuban

I admit it, I don’t eat a lot of hot dogs at home but I can’t resist them at a ball game. Baseball season is well under way and our hometown team is doing great. This is the time of year when I want to get out and go to a game. Unfortunately my knee is still not cooperating, steps are my Achilles heel and there are a lot of them at stadiums and ball parks. So I did the next best thing made some hots dogs and grabbed a beer and watched the game from the comfort of my couch, where I am guaranteed not to have to move elevations.

I, of course put a little twist on the normal dog, and made one like a Reuben ( my favorite sandwich), and the other like a cuban, (my son’s favorite). Cuban sandwiches also happen to be the official sandwich of Tampa.

Rays Reuben Dog

Russian Dressing

Cole Slaw or Sauerkraut

Russian Dressing

Shredded Gruyère or Swiss Cheese

To make home-made Russian dressing combine 1/2 c mayo, 1t grated horseradish (not prepared) 2T chili sauce, I used Heinz, in a small bowl.

Tampa Bay Cuban Dog

One Piece of Thinly Sliced Ham

Thinly Sliced Dill Pickles

Shredded Gruyère or Swiss Cheese

Mayo-Mustard sauce (about 1/4 c of mayo mixed with a tablespoon of yellow mustard

I believe the Rays have a day game today, let’s hope their at home winning streak continues. Enjoy and go Rays!